Virtual solutions for sports facilities

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The software for Indoor Cycling sessions

Aplifit Cycling

Customize lessons and make the most of the facilities

Aplifit Cycling

The Aplifit Cycling audiovisual technological system allows you to design and deliver face-to-face Cycling classes with real-time and graphical progress mapping.

During less busy times, virtual Indoor Cycling sessions can be offered, making the most of the facilities.


  • Videos of cycling routes in HD (or external videos, your own or from YouTube)
  • Customizable support graphs
  • "Master Sessions "already created by the best instructors
  • Virtual training sessions


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The training monitoring system

Aplifit Play

Assess the quality of the training and motivate the users

Aplifit Play is a virtual support system for instructors that measures the main parameters of each user's training in real time. The data is registered in the cloud and can be analyzed later from any device.

The application scores and rewards the users who have trained most closely in line with the parameters set by the trainer. Thus, participation and motivation is increased during the group sessions.

Main metrics:

  • Heart rate
  • Watts (power)
  • Revolutions per minute
  • Calories
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Aplifit group classes

The virtual system to work without an instructor

Aplifit group classes

Expand the range of activities and make the center profitable

The Aplifit Group Classes virtual system allows you to make your sports center more profitable by offering group classes during the hours when it is less busy.

The tool has a wide range of activities directed at Express (25 minutes) or Full (45 minutes) sessions by trainers with proven experience.

Main activities:

  • Toning-general and LBT-
  • Power Body (training with bar and discs)
  • Cardiovascular - various disciplines -
  • Stretching
  • Pilates
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