Group telemetry of power work (%FTP) in an indoor cycling session offers numerous advantages:

1. Personalization: FTP (Functional Threshold Power) is specific to each individual and helps to customize the training of each participant according to their physical capacity. This personalization is a major draw for customers seeking a more individualized approach.

2. Performance and motivation: Group telemetry of %FTP increases motivation and healthy competition among participants. Seeing their own data and comparing it with others motivates users to improve their performance.

3. Safety and efficacy: Tracking the %FTP helps prevent injuries and overexertion by ensuring that participants do not exceed their capacity limit. This improves the safety of the training and its long-term effectiveness.

4. Concrete data: Offering quantifiable data on individual performance differentiates a gym or indoor cycling studio from its competitors. Customers increasingly value tangible data that helps them track and improve their performance.

5. Customer retention: Participants who can see tangible improvements in their performance are more likely to stay committed and continue with their subscriptions. This allows increasing customer retention and generating long-term revenue.