Power training takes your gym to the next level. Provide your members with the ultimate indoor cycling training experience without the need for additional accessories. Inspire your members to achieve their goals in a fun and motivating way!

This advanced technological tool offers a comprehensive and real-time view of each cyclist's output power, expressed as a percentage of their Functional Threshold Power (FTP). A key feature of this system is its accessibility: all members who hop on a bike can participate in group monitoring without the need to purchase any additional accessories.

We have also integrated our exciting "Fits" feature. Every time your members complete an indoor cycling workout, they accumulate Fits, which they can use to tackle the challenges set by the club. This not only adds a gaming and competitive element to their workouts but also motivates them to stay consistent in attending your club's activities.

The system allows your trainers to customize and personalize training graphs based on precise and real-time performance data from each cyclist. This not only enhances the results for your members but also positions your gym as a leader in fitness technology, attracting new members who seek a more personalized and data-driven approach to their training.