Introducing our cutting-edge group monitoring and tracking system based on the % of Maximum Heart Rate (Max HR). This innovative tool will transform the way your members understand and improve their performance.

This system is applicable to any cardiovascular activity in your club. Whether they are running, participating in high-intensity classes, practicing dynamic yoga, or pedaling on a stationary bike, your members can track their Max HR in real-time and adjust their effort to efficiently achieve their fitness goals.

Users will need a heart rate sensor, available in wrist or chest models. These sensors are extremely accurate, allowing workouts to be recorded anywhere without the need for a mobile phone or smartwatch, and they have a rechargeable battery. Their integrated memory makes it easy to transfer training data to the AplifitPlay app after completion, simplifying the progress tracking process.

Furthermore, we have included the exciting "Fits" challenge. With each activity, your members will accumulate Fits that can be used to achieve the challenges you set. The combination of this gamification element with the ability to track their performance in real-time will motivate them to continue pushing themselves and improving in every session.

Implementing our Max HR tracking system is a step towards the future of your club. You will position yourself as a leader in fitness technology and attract those seeking a more personalized and enjoyable training approach. Are you ready to change the game in the fitness world?