Innovating in fitness to generate motivating, unifying, and inspiring experiences.

Power Up Your Cycling Classes with Aplifit

Power Tracking

Our group monitoring and % FTP-based power tracking system is an investment in the future of your gym. It helps you deliver a unique, interactive, and competitive training experience that not only enhances the quality of your service but also fosters a sense of community and achievement among your members. Are you ready to take your gym to the next level in innovation?

Power training takes your gym to the next level. Provide your members with the ultimate indoor cycling training experience without the need for...

Transform Group Fitness with Heart Rate Insights

Group Heart Rate Tracking

Elevate the fitness experience in your club to the next level with our performance tracking solution that applies to all cardiovascular activities you offer. Position your club at the forefront of fitness innovation with our advanced group monitoring and tracking system based on the percentage of Maximum Heart Rate (Max HR). This innovative tool is designed to transform how your members train by adding an extra element of fun and competition.

Introducing our cutting-edge group monitoring and tracking system based on the % of Maximum Heart Rate (Max HR). This innovative tool will...

Craft Eye-Catching Workout Visuals with Ease

Graphics Creator

Aplifit enables instructors to create customizable training graphs, enhancing adaptability, effectiveness, and motivation in indoor cycling classes as well as other cardiovascular activities.

You know that the key to keeping your members satisfied and engaged is to offer a high-quality training experience, regardless of the type of...

Masterclass Experiences for Your Cycling Enthusiasts


Elevate the quality of your indoor cycling classes with Aplifit's Masterclasses. These pre-mixed and ready-to-teach classes relieve the pressure on your technical team, freeing them up to focus on what they do best: motivating and inspiring your members.

Aplifit's Masterclasses are the ultimate solution to optimize the quality of your indoor cycling sessions. In contrast to the trend of versatile...

Ride the World's Greatest Routes Indoors

Real Routes

Aplifit transforms your gym into iconic cycling destinations, offering intensive routes and immersive experiences. Instructors lead special classes with personalized and gamified rides, enhancing motivation. With pre-defined workout graphics and flexibility in music, Aplifit takes indoor cycling to unprecedented levels.

With Aplifit, we bring iconic cycling routes and mountain passes to your gym, providing an immersive experience that excites your cycling...

Gamify Fitness to Motivate Your Members


Engage your members with Aplifit Challenges, an innovative social approach to fitness. Personalized and based on Fits, these Challenges foster an environment of challenge and motivation. With Aplifit, you'll transform your club into a fitness community, boosting member retention.

Challenges in Aplifit are the driving force behind member engagement and motivation. Using our unique metric, Fits, users can quantify their work...

Build a Thriving Fitness Community

Social Network

AplifitPlay is much more than an application, it is a vibrant and motivating social community that enriches the experience of your members and strengthens their connection with your club.

The platform allows members to share their workouts, interact, and compete with each other. Each workout becomes an opportunity to socialize, with...

Empower Members with Meaningful Workout Insights

Workout Results

AplifitPlay transforms fitness into an interactive, social, and personalized experience. Subscribers can share achievements, challenge others, and receive detailed performance analysis, fostering competition and continuous improvement. With breakdown calorie graphics and the dual gamification of Fits and training quality, AplifitPlay redefines how your subscribers interact with their workouts.

AplifitPlay redefines the way your members interact with their workouts. Liked a workout you just completed? Post it on the wall, share it on...

Put the Power of Aplifit in Your Members' Hands

Mobile App

AplifitPlay is your ally for member retention, offering a dynamic and interactive fitness experience. Motivating challenges, social interaction, personalized tracking, and efficient management come together in one app. Transform fitness into a game, foster community, and provide customized workouts, all in a single solution.

With AplifitPlay, you elevate the fitness experience of your members to a whole new level. This multifunctional application brings everything...

Your Virtual Fitness Class Solution

Virtual Classes

Virtual classes boost facility usage in your club, providing high-quality service even during off-peak hours. They enable automated scheduling, optimizing resources, and can be recorded by your own instructors, strengthening the bond with members. Adding them to your facility will represent a step forward in positioning yourself as a leader at the forefront of fitness.

Virtual classes are a fundamental resource to optimize your club's offerings during off-peak hours. These periods of lower attendance no longer...