Aplifit's Masterclasses are the ultimate solution to optimize the quality of your indoor cycling sessions. In contrast to the trend of versatile instructors and lack of time to prepare specialized workouts, the Masterclasses come ready to deliver, with a perfect mix of music and appropriate training intensities.

The lack of specialization will no longer be a problem; with the Masterclasses, you guarantee high-quality sessions that are balanced and suitable for the members of your club. These pre-mixed and ready-to-deliver classes alleviate the pressure on your technical team, freeing them to focus on what they do best: motivate and inspire your members.

Through the user zone of Aplifit.com, instructors can familiarize themselves with the music of each session and download a PDF with all the necessary technical information to successfully deliver the class. This ensures they are fully prepared for each session, allowing them to provide an unparalleled indoor cycling experience to your members.

In summary, Aplifit's Masterclasses are more than a solution, they are a revolution. They offer the quality, specialization, and preparation needed to take your indoor cycling classes to the next level. Because we believe that providing a high-quality indoor cycling experience should not be an additional task, but a guarantee.