Bootcamp Fitness, Optimized by Aplifit


Cardiovascular monitoring in a Bootcamp is essential due to its high intensity. It contributes to achieving goals, prevents injuries, and optimizes training by adapting effort to individual cardiovascular responses.

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Small Group Training, Big Aplifit Benefits

Small Group Training

Group cardiovascular monitoring provides safety, customization, and progress in small group workouts, motivating all participants.

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Group Fitness, Connected by Aplifit

Group Classes

Our group heart rate monitoring system turns every class into an interactive game, enhancing motivation and optimizing results.

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Outdoor Fitness, Tracked and Optimized


AplifitPlay allows you to monitor and adjust your clients' workouts in real time, whether in individual or group sessions, at the gym or in the park. Maximize motivation and efficiency with AplifitPlay.

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The Full Gym Experience, Right at Home

At Home

AplifitPlay is the mobile application that provides a group experience and professional monitoring for workouts in the homes of your subscribers. It records heart rate, offers live and virtual activities, and connects trainers and users, maintaining service quality anywhere.

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Swim Training, Streamlined by Aplifit


Boost your workouts at your club's pool! With Aplifit and the heart rate sensor, your clients can track their water sessions and compete in challenges. Optimize their training and motivate their progress in the pool with Aplifit!

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Your Gym Floor, Fully Alive with Aplifit

Gym Floor

Elevate the training experience in your club with Aplifit! Monitor users' workouts in real-time in the fitness room. Display their performance and ranking score on TVs. They accumulate "Fits" to achieve challenges. All you need is the heart rate sensor. Motivate your members and create a dynamic and exciting environment with Aplifit.

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Functional Training, Powered by Aplifit Insights

Functional Training

Cardiovascular monitoring in functional training ensures safety, optimizes exercise efficiency, allows progress tracking, prevents overtraining, and helps customize training, thereby enhancing cardiovascular health, strength, and balance.

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Your Complete Indoor Cycling Studio Upgrade

Indoor Cycling

The group telemetry of power output (%FTP) in an indoor cycling session offers a more personalized, safe, and effective training experience, setting a gym or studio apart from its competitors and aiding in customer retention and attraction.

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Where Fitness Education Meets Cutting-Edge Tech


Our solution is available for educational centers, providing students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of new technologies applied to fitness. They can experience it firsthand, apply theoretical concepts in real-time using our technology, and measure and evaluate the results. Shape the best trainers of tomorrow with Aplifit. Join the technological revolution in fitness with Aplifit at your educational center!

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Empower Employee Wellness with Aplifit

Corporate Wellness

Aplifit not only promotes physical activity and well-being in your company but also creates a powerful social function. It fosters collaboration, interaction, and team spirit among employees, strengthening the corporate culture and creating a healthier and more motivating work environment. Discover the potential of Aplifit to enhance well-being and social connections in your company!

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Residential Fitness, Redefined by Aplifit


Aplifit transforms your community gym into a virtual fitness center with over 500 diverse professional sessions. With the AplifitPlay app, you can share achievements, connect with neighbors, and set joint goals. Invest in health, happiness, and harmony for your community.

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Hotel Fitness, Elevated by Aplifit


Aplifit brings fitness to your guests' room or any designated space in your hotel. Enhance their experience, foster loyalty, and showcase your commitment to well-being, positioning yourself as an innovative leader in the hotel industry.

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