Are you a trainer or representing a major fitness club? Worried about your clients or members missing out on the group experience and professional guidance when training at home? With our mobile app, AplifitPlay, that's no longer a concern. Now you can offer your clients or members a platform where they can continue to enjoy the group experience and professional guidance, no matter where they are.

With AplifitPlay, users can track and monitor their heart rate, and trainers or instructors can do the same. They can participate in group activities, seeing real-time heart rate percentages of all participants. They can also access both live and virtual sessions offered by the club, allowing them to stay connected and engaged in their training from anywhere.

Whether you're a personal trainer or representing a major fitness club, with AplifitPlay, you can provide your clients or members with a comprehensive and satisfying experience, where they can enjoy the team spirit, expert guidance, and motivation that characterize your services. With AplifitPlay, bring the gym to their homes and maintain the quality of your services regardless of the circumstances!