With Aplifit, we bring iconic cycling routes and mountain passes to your gym, providing an immersive experience that excites your cycling enthusiasts without the need to travel. They can challenge themselves on thrilling climbs in the Alps or Pyrenees, enjoying an unparalleled indoor cycling experience.

Instructors have the opportunity to lead special classes, guiding members through these iconic routes, regardless of their skill level. Thanks to the gamification of the ascent, all users can work towards their training goals, creating a more personalized and motivating experience.

In the Aplifit.com user area, instructors will find all the information they need to successfully conduct these sessions. They can access details about intensity sections along the route and listen to suggested music for the session. Additionally, they have the freedom to use their own music if they prefer.

Each route comes with a pre-prepared training graph that allows participants to follow the route as if they were on the actual terrain, increasing the realism of the experience.

In essence, with Aplifit, you are offering your members the opportunity to experience unique cycling adventures without leaving your club, enhancing their loyalty and satisfaction. Are you ready to take your indoor cycling classes to the summit?