Control the Use of Bicycles in your Indoor Cycle Room with Aplifit

< Blog introduces a new function to control the time of use of bikes in indoor cycling rooms, helping to homogenize their wear and improve equipment management. Discover how this tool will optimize your users' experience and extend the life of your bikes!

We have a new update for you at! Now, in the Aplifit Play Administration Panel, you have a new function that will allow you to better manage your indoor cycling equipment. In the Fitness > Bikes section, you can monitor the "Use Time" in hours for each bike in your room.

Why is it important to control the time of use of the bikes?

Monitoring the usage time of each bicycle is crucial to ensure uniform wear and tear of your equipment. This not only prolongs the life of your bikes, but also ensures that all users have access to machines in optimal condition. By homogenizing wear, you can prevent certain bikes from deteriorating more quickly than others, which in the long term translates into significant savings in maintenance and replacement costs.

How does it work?

The new feature is very easy to use. You just have to access the Fitness > Bikes section in your administration panel. Here you'll find a list of all the bikes in your indoor cycle room, along with the total usage time for each one. This information will allow you to rotate the use of the bikes efficiently, ensuring that they are all used equally.

Benefits of the new functionality

  • Proactive maintenance: Knowing the usage time, you can schedule preventive maintenance before a problem occurs.
  • Optimization of resources: By homogenizing wear, you maximize the useful life of your bicycles, thus optimizing the investment in your equipment.
  • Improving user experience: By ensuring that all bicycles are in good condition, you improve the experience of your users, which can translate into greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Check it out!

This functionality is now available in your administration panel. Don't miss the opportunity to improve the management of your indoor cycle room and offer a superior experience to your users.

Enter now and discover what you can achieve with this new tool!


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