How to use Aplifit APP as a manager and make the most of it?

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Discover how to get the most out of the Aplifit Play app as a manager and provide a unique experience to your customers. Optimize it in your gym!

Discover how to get the most out of the incredible Aplifit Play app as a manager and provide a unique experience to your clients! With the following management functionalities, you can increase member participation and create a more interactive experience:

1- Share Club Posts.

Make your fitness community come alive through mobile! Encourage your members to use the app, and actively participate by posting as the club on the Wall. Don't forget to interact with them by commenting and liking their posts. Take advantage of this platform as an additional communication channel to share gym news and events. Are you organizing a competition or planning FTP tests in cycling classes next week? Announce it on the app!

2- Create Challenges.

Design and propose challenges to your members to keep them motivated and engaged with your club! Challenges are a simple way to retain your members at your facility.

Aplifit Play challenges are designed for users to reach a specific number of Fits within a specific period. Your users can track their progress in the "CHALLENGES" tab, where they can see how many Fits and calories they have burned in a specific period of time. They will also have access to a ranking leaderboard where they can compare their achievements with other members and see if they are close to reaching the top position.

In addition to the monthly challenges that are automatically created, we encourage you to be creative and propose your own challenges!

An excellent way to incentivize your members to get involved in a challenge is to offer prizes to the winners, such as merchandise gifts, a free month at the gym, or a special experience. You can also encourage your members’ participation by using the "club posts" feature mentioned earlier.

Inspire members to be more engaged and cultivate deeper community connections through fun and rewarding challenges!

3- Track And Monitor Workouts On The Go.

Take advantage of the "freestyle exercise" feature to allow your technical staff to monitor workouts both inside and outside your facilities using your members' mobile devices. This feature is particularly useful for personal training sessions or small group sessions! Your members simply need to connect their heart rate monitor and tap the "+" button in the app to "start freestyle exercise." This way, you will be able to see their real-time heart rate on their mobile devices and store the training record in their profile.


We are currently developing management functions to analyze your members' workouts and send private notifications to your users. Stay tuned for this and upcoming updates!


Promote the app among your members!

All these functionalities are fantastic, but first, you need to ensure that your members are aware of the application! As an Aplifit client, we provide you with a range of communication materials that will help you introduce the app to your members. Use our range of visual resources, including videos, posters, roll-ups, and brochures, to effectively communicate the introduction of the system in your facility and guide members on the registration and profile creation process within the app.

Don't forget to communicate the app through all your communication channels, such as emailing/newsletters, social media, SMS, digital signage (TVs and screens), and posters in your facility. To ensure a successful implementation, it would be optimal to provide brief training to your technical staff so they can address any questions your members may have about the app.

Make the most of the app’s possibilities to motivate and retain your clients! Remember, if you have any doubts or issues, you can contact us, and we will assist you in resolving your inquiries. We'll be delighted to help you address any concerns you may have.


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