Monitoring Heart Rate in Small Groups: The case of The Team Home

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Discover how monitoring Heart Rate in small group training can enhance the efficacy of each workout, just like The Team Home experienced.

We are excited to showcase how The Team Home has revolutionized their exercise routines using heart rate monitoring with our technology. This facility, established during the pandemic, distinguishes itself by providing small group training sessions that merge the camaraderie of group workouts with the individualized guidance of a coach who can accommodate every participant. Now, TTH has taken this experience to the next level by integrating Aplifit's monitoring system, allowing them to analyze the physiological response of their clients in real-time by measuring heart rate, and making precise adjustments to exercises for maximizing the obtained results.

Small group training is renowned for its effectiveness, and thanks to The Team Home, this approach has evolved even further with the integration of our heart rate monitoring technology. In each session, participants can track their performance and heart rate in real-time. This allows for personalized exercises and training paces to achieve the best possible results for each user. Additionally, The Team Home is leading the way by incorporating Aplifit's new arm heart rate monitors into their sessions, providing an unmatched user experience.


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These devices feature highly accurate optical sensors that provide reliable and precise heart rate monitoring. Additionally, their rechargeable design makes them incredibly convenient and practical, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements. Aplifit's arm heart rate monitors also offer additional advantages, such as easy and adjustable placement on the forearm, built-in memory, and storage to eliminate the need for a nearby mobile device, LED lights and vibration indicating real-time heart rate zones, and a lightweight and breathable design.

At Aplifit, we are proud to see how The Team Home effortlessly combines Small Group Training with our technology, enhancing their workouts and achieving new levels of performance. And now, you have the opportunity to be the next one to bring innovation and ignite a passion for training!


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