FAQs about Data Tracking and Measurements in Aplifit

Aplifit tracks two essential types of data: Heart Rate and Watts Data. Heart Rate Data: Aplifit monitors your heart rate during workouts, allowing you to gauge your exercise intensity and cardiovascular performance. This data is crucial for optimizing your training routines and ensuring you're in the right heart rate zone for your fitness goals. Watts Data: In addition to heart rate, Aplifit tracks watts data. Watts provide valuable information, especially during activities like cycling. It helps you understand your power output and efficiency during your workouts, making it easier to set and achieve performance goals. By collecting both heart rate and watts data, Aplifit offers a holistic view of your fitness metrics, empowering you to make informed decisions and progress towards your fitness objectives.

The Fits are a proprietary indicator of Aplifit, which quantitatively measures the user's performance in class. It is a value not comparable to any unit of measure, although it can be compared to itself (to see one's own evolution) and compared to other subscribers. It would be akin to a caloric amount or a distance traveled, but being a unique value of Aplifit with a relativization factor for each user based on their characteristics. Unlike other systems, in this calculation Aplifit takes into account the specific anthropometric and physiological characteristics of each user to calculate the number of Fits generated. It is not a generic formula but considers the unique characteristics of each user.

Absolutely! Aplifit is committed to delivering precise and reliable data to support your fitness journey. Our tracking technology is designed to provide accurate measurements, including heart rate and watts data. We take accuracy seriously to ensure you have the confidence to make informed decisions about your workouts and fitness goals.

Using a chest strap or an armband, Aplifit ensures precise heart rate monitoring, and the recorded data is wirelessly transferred to your smartphone or other devices that are compatible.

In cycling, a watt is a unit of power that measures the rate of work performed, indicating the amount of energy generated or consumed per second. It's a way to quantify a cyclist's power output during pedaling, influenced by factors like their strength, pedaling speed (cadence), and resistance on the pedals.

Aplifit tracks indoor cyclists' power output in watts during classes, displaying it as a percentage of their Functional Threshold Power (FTP) in real-time. This is achieved through sensors or powermeters in cycling bikes, measuring pedal force and speed. By analyzing this data and the cyclist's FTP, Aplifit calculates and displays wattage and FTP percentage, allowing both individual and group performance monitoring without extra accessories.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) in cycling is the highest average power output a cyclist can sustain for a one-hour effort without fatigue. It's a critical metric for gauging endurance, setting training zones, and monitoring performance improvements.

For group classes, any HR sensor that meets the ANT+ HeartRateMonitor protocol is compatible. For the mobile application, it is sufficient for it to pair with the mobile via Bluetooth as a Heart Rate sensor.

Yes, it can be adjusted to your needs, depending on the type of class you wish to take, with two available options to choose from.

Yes, we are compatible with the major manufacturers. Ask us about the colors you need to adjust.

Yes, through the mobile app.