FAQs about Aplifit Installation and Setup

For group classes, any HR sensor that meets the ANT+ HeartRateMonitor protocol is compatible. For the mobile application, it is sufficient for it to pair with the mobile via Bluetooth as a Heart Rate sensor.

This code should be provided to you by the gym where you train. It is used so that, once you register, you become part of their user community.

Yes, certainly. You just need to meet some basic performance requirements. Write to us at info@aplifit.com so we can assist you.

The basic operation of playing virtual sessions, and playing workouts designed by the instructor, does not require internet. Internet is necessary to obtain updates of new videos as well as to download new workouts and charts created at home by the instructors.

The computer cannot connect to our servers.

Yes, it can be adjusted to your needs, depending on the type of class you wish to take, with two available options to choose from.

With the Club Manager user on our website, from anywhere, you can schedule the grid of virtual sessions.

You can play content in both rooms with a single computer, but you can only do one activity; you can't use it in both rooms simultaneously. An analogy with television would be, 1 PC is equivalent to 1 channel.

You can use the one you already have without any problem.

You need a wired network socket (Ethernet cable), an electrical outlet, a video cable to project the content, and, if you want to display audiovisual content, also an audio jack connector to plug into the PC.

Aplifit is available in Spanish, English, and Catalan. We can integrate any language without any issue.

Yes, you have tutorials in the private area.

Accessing the private area of this website or aplifitplay.com.