Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy applicable to the processing of personal data carried out by PIMAS I CAÑELLAS 2012 SLU, known as "Aplifit", through the different web portals and apps (hereinafter "our portals"):

Aplifit contact data i is a domain of Pimas I CAÑELLAS 2012 SLU (hereinafter, "Aplifit") with Tax Identification Number B-55.150.114, telephone 606.701.003, and address

Our data protection delegate
You may contact the data protection delegate at the email address, to ask questions or request the information you need about the treatment of your personal data.

Exercise your rights at our Privacy Office
To exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion (cancellation), portability, limitation or opposition to the treatment you may also contact us by emailing us at the following address

Purposes of the treatment of your personal data
At Aplifit we collect and process personal data for the following purposes:

To manage and / or control the registration and / or subscription of Aplifit users and manage the relationship with our subscribers.
To process any request, subscription or hiring carried out by the user, in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable in each case.
To analyze the needs, tastes and preferences of the user to design and offer content, products and personalized services to our readers and users. For this purpose, we use cookies and other data storage and retrieval devices, in accordance with our "Cookies Policy."
To monitor and monitor audiences of our news and publications.
To promote editorial contents, publications and exclusive news from Aplifit.
To promote our products, services and events that we organize in the framework of our activity.
So that Aplifit can share the data with its official distributor in order to carry out the commercial management

Legal bases on which we base the processing of personal data
In Aplifit we obtain legitimacy to carry out the processing of personal data based on the following legal premises:
When we have the explicit consent of subscribers and / or users.
When the treatment is necessary to execute a contract in which the interested party is a part.
Based on the legitimate interests of Aplifit and with permission of the users, always respecting their rights and their privacy.
When treatment is necessary to comply with a legal obligation applicable to Aplifit.

Our principles
In Aplifit we apply the principles of data protection established by the European Regulation on Data Protection (EU Regulation 2016/679, dated April 27), specifically:

We only treat your personal data with a valid legal basis, either with your consent, which we will always ask for in a clear and transparent way, or if necessary to manage the purchase agreements of products, services or your own subscription.
We only treat the data that is necessary to fulfill our purposes, and we do not make any other uses.
To ensure that your data is up to date, you can manage the update of your personal information on your profile.
We only keep the data for the time necessary to meet our purposes.
We apply security measures to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality, as well as the protection of your personal data against loss, destruction or other damages, including the encryption of the information.

Who do we share personal information with?
At Aplifit we share your personal information with our suppliers to send commercial information and our promotions.
Some of our cloud service providers and other technology supports may be located in third countries outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA). In all these cases, we ensure through our contracts that compliance with this policy and the European Data Protection Regulation are guaranteed.

On the other hand, if we have your consent, we can also share the browsing data with your social networks, by means of cookies or other mechanisms that you indicate us expressly.

When do we treat your personal information
Aplifit treats your personal data when you provide us with your subscription, when you register or when you request information.
Aplifit also treats your browsing personal data when visiting our sites to know your preferences and to provide you with the best service. We may also treat your anonymous browsing data for statistical and audit control purposes.

If you register, Facebook or Google, may can exchange data with us.

Minors’ data
Children under 16 can only use our sites if they have the permission of parents or legal representatives (guardians), who will bear responsibility for their actions.

User comments
Remember that our sites are accessible through the internet. This means that anyone who accesses (from around the world) can see everything posted, for example, the comments you make in a news story.

Navigation and cookies
To optimize its operation, our sites collect some personal information such as the IP address or domain name of the device used by the user, the URL, the time, the method used for querying the server, the size of the file obtained in the response, the numerical code that indicates the state of the response to the server and other parameters related to the operating system of the user's computer environment.

At Aplifit we use cookies for statistical purposes, to collect information about what content and sites are visited more frequently, by which users and from where.

We also use analysis mechanisms to receive anonymous reports on the use, interest and user preferences and to adapt our content and promotions.

In addition, our sites also use audience measurement tools that allow analyzing the behavior and profile of anonymous visitors with the aim of improving the operation of the web.

We also use third-party cookies that can collect information about your activity and navigation on our sites.

You can learn more about what cookies are, how to manage them and / or how to disable them, at