Aplifit Play

The training monitoring system

Assesses the quality of the training and motivates users

Aplifit Play is a virtual instructor support system that evaluates the quality of the session users’ training in real time. The tool is a fun gym gamification system that creates a playful atmosphere and motivates the room.


It is a perfect support system for group training, HIIT sessions  or for indoor cycling classes, as well as for any other activity in your fitness facilities.

Data logging

Aplifit Play offers live measurement of the following training parameters for each user, which will be registered in the cloud so they can analyze the data after the session:

  • Heart rate
  • Watts (power)
  • Revolutions per minute
  • Calories

(Metrics vary depending on the version installed)

Play to train well!

Aplifit Play gives points and rewards to the users who best meet the goals set by the instructor. It is not about training harder, but training  well. This is why there are multiple challenge options, points of comparison between the users of the same facilities, as well as between different clubs.

Aplifit Play has a cloud platform for users, compatible with any device, through which members can view their performance and development. Class by class  and over time, subscribers can see their metrics for each training session.

In addition the system automatically detects and identifies the user when entering the room and avoids unnecessary queues and waiting times.

Aplifit Play is, therefore, a tool with:

  •  Added motivation.
  • Controlled and healthy training.


Demo APLIFIT PLAY - Gaming in Indoor Cycle classes