Aplifit group classes

The virtual system to work without an instructor

Increase the classes you offer and make the most of the facilities

Aplifit Group Classes is a virtual system of group classes that allows gyms to offer more services all day, without an instructor. It is the ideal tool to improve the profitability of your facilities during off-peak hours.

Variety and competence

The system offers a great variety of activities, recorded by trainers of proven experience and formal education:

  • Toning -General and LBT-
  • Power Body  (training with bar and discs)
  • Cardiovascular - various disciplines-
  • Stretching
  • Pilates

Main characteristics

Sessions can be express (25 minutes) or full (45 minutes). During the lesson, the user can see, through an on-screen projection, the muscle group they are working , the length of the session and time remaining on each workstation. Aplifit Group Classes are characterized by their easy execution and their availability to a wide range of users.


Demo Aplifit Group Classes - virtual classes for gyms