Aplifit Cycling

The software for Cycling Indoor sessions

Customize classes and make the facilities profitable

Aplifit Cycling is an audiovisual technology support system applied to fitness that allows:

  • The indoor cycle instructor: To design and give a face-to-face cycling classes with motivational elements of your own creation, from third parties or a class already designed by an experienced Master Instructor 
  • In the Gym: Make the most of your facilities by being able to program virtual indoor cycle classes at any time of day.

Aplifit Cycling functions

  • Vídeos of cycling routes in HD (or external videos,  whether your own or YouTube)
  • Customizable support graphics
  • Master Sessions” already created by the best instructors
  • Virtual training sessions

The videos are renewed monthly through an internet connection. However, the software doesn’t stream the videos, but rather stores them locally to avoid any drop-outs during the on-site cycling classes. Aplifit allows you to program the time slot automatically and has several options for personalization.

For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For the Indoor Cycle Instructor

With Aplifit Cycling, the cycling instructor has a tool for customizing sessions from anywhere through a computer with an internet connection. You can create content recorded in HD, with images of real outdoor cycling routes , with a progress graph of the training that will be created according to the type of lesson that you want to program for your students. To design the graph, the technician enters the terrain, intensity, technique and cadence data, which will be combined with the music that he or she considers appropriate for each section.

Once in the cycle class, the user will be able to follow the graph during the session, and the screen will show the elements pre-selected by the computer, which will have the audiovisual support as an added motivational element beyond the music and the student’s attitude.

Since 2018, Aplifit also has the "Master Session" function, which allows the trainer to give a class that has already been previously prepared by a professional instructor. This class consists of elements already designed and brought together by the best indoor cycle instructors in our country.

After its last update, now Aplifit also allows you to stream external videos to the platform: either from the same cycle monitor, or from a YouTube channel.

For the gym manager

Having Aplifit Cycling allows you to broaden the services of the indoor cycle room during off-peak hours in your facilities, when there are no scheduled in-person classes and when attendance is  low. Thus you can offer virtual indoor cycling sessions  all day, scheduling the broadcast in a timeslot, or leaving the option to the members to choose which classes and instructors they want to choose for their training that day.

The "Master Sessions" function allows the club to standardize the level of all the trainers, guaranteeing that all indoor cycle classes enjoy the same level of quality and motivation. The tool also allows you to deal with any downtime in the sports center's timetable.

It is the ideal tool for making the most of the supervised indoor cycle classroom.


2018 Aplifit Cycling Innovations

Demo Aplifit Cycling - Indoor Cycle virtual classes

Demo Aplifit Cycling - Real cycling routes