Virtual professional cycling sessions at any time

Virtual solutions for sports facilities

APLIFIT is a company that offers virtual sessions and technical support to managers of sports facilities, sports clubs, fitness clubs, studios and other facilities that offer the use of sports equipment.

With APLIFIT you can keep long opening hours with the security of offering a quality service to your customers when the presence of an instructor is not possible, with virtual sessions provided by the APLIFIT technical team or the technical team on your premises.

New technologies at your fingertips

With service excellence in mind for your facilities , APLIFIT goes further and outperforms other companies in the sector by taking a step forward in the configuration, setup and individualization of its services, thus becoming an essential element in putting the use of new technologies at your fingertips.

Among the complementary services that we offer you, such as support for your instructors, there is the graphical support application for the Indoor Cycling sessions where your customers will have all the information needed to train well, with the option of including sessions previously designed with real routes without needing to be configured before being put into operation at the start of the session.

APLIFIT breaks with the concept of providing virtual sessions by being open to new proposals and projects under the framework of virtual media, in order to continue innovating in your facilities and in the  market. Get in touch with us and tell us you needs.